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Our Initiatives

Our Madhuvan Foundation has instigated a project named “Pasti Ki Pathshala With Raddi Ka Ruaab”. This is governing since 2014 to promote education among poor children. Education is the only wealth which cannot be robbed. It builds both internal and outer personality and character, strengthens our mind and augments our pool of knowledge. The education is very essential for eradicating poverty as it makes people more productive and earn a better living. The education is the key which allows people to open up the world of opportunities, seek better job, and ultimately succeed in their lives. Its main aim is that to help poor children who get difficulty in purchasing books and other things for education. Who are associated with our NGO such as students of social work, volunteers, supports and other field workers go in the field and collect waste papers like old books, magazines, newspapers from the local people, schools, colleges and other areas covered for field work. They go to home to home and collect waste papers. Whatever waste papers are collected by them, which is sold by the Madhuvan Foundation and got money from selling waste papers. Madhuvan Foundation brings note books from the money of selling waste papers and distribute among the poor children in primary schools as per the need and requirement. It has very positive impact on education of children and helpful to enhancing the ratio of education among children. This project helps to increase of quality of education.

Our second initiative is “One Day One Rupees”. Our main object behind this initiative is to work for the society with their contribution. As per this project, we are taking one rupee per day as 365 day of a year from the donors. Our Madhuvan Foundation takes 365 rupees from those want to contribute our NGO for upliftment and betterment of the society. We are using this contribution for doing work to develop society like as awareness programmes, organizing competition among students to increase creativity among them, community based programmes, educational programmes, rally on spreading awareness about social issues, students development activities, health check-up camps and so on. We work to explore the ways and means for promotion and cooperation for socio-economic development linkage in the country and to undertake political awakening, environmental awareness and studies related to natural and social sciences. 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

  - Nelson Mandela

  • Gyandhara – A way of promoting education is working to prepare children for a world that not only places a high value on educational achievement, but also on artistic flair, social awareness, independence and diversity. We launched this project is dated on 20th May, 2019. We work as per this project, to develop and to test their talents across a broadly based and academically stimulating curriculum that promotes intellectual, artistic, aesthetic, physical and social development with providing appropriate opportunities to children with giving basic education. We work to allow deeper exploration of subjects of particular interest as well as the development of individual skills, abilities, capacities and talents with doing extra curriculum activities for children development. 

  • In this project our target is children who are belonging from 5 year to 15 year age group. The primary graders are often considered most important years of a child’s school career. This project has focused on to strive to achieve the accessibility of environmental and development education, linked to social education, from primary school age. 

  • This project named “Gyandhara” is working to ensure that all children have the opportunities to learn and make progress as well as to provide experience of all forms of education; linguistic, technological, mathematical, scientific, social, physical, aesthetical and creative with providing the acquisition of skills in all these areas. Our project has main emphasized on promoting moral, social, spiritual and cultural guidance through organizing various activities and events like as sport education, day & festival celebration, social awareness programme, providing basic education, environment awareness programmes and so on.

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All donations are tax-exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act,1961

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